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Model CC-16

Field Service Bulletins:

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Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

¤ CC-16 .100 Standard Coin
¤ CC-16 .150 Thick Coin
¤ CC-16 .150 w/Anti-Cheat
¤ CC-16 Wide Body

Parts Listing:

¤ Accept Coil Parts List
¤ CC-16 $1 Casino Token (screw-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 $1 Casino Token (snap-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 25¢ U.S. (screw-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 25¢ U.S. (snap-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 50¢ U.S. (screw-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 50¢ U.S. (snap-on pcb cover)
¤ CC-16 Operational Manual/Parts List
¤ CC-16 Wide Body
¤ Damper Assembly Individual Parts
¤ Sensor Coil Parts List - Deep Seat for Bi-Metal co
¤ Sensor Coil Parts List - Standard

Operational Instructions:

¤ Basic Comparitor Operation-Install Sample Coin
¤ Comparitor cross reference chart by machine mfr.
¤ Damper Weight Recommendation Chart
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Potentiometer Adjustment Procedure
¤ Sensor Coil Balance Procedure - Meter
¤ Sensor Coil Balance Procedure - Oscilloscope


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Spec Sheets & User Manuals:

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Product Description:
The CC-16 is the most widely used and recognized gaming coin validator. It utilizes a patented magnetic induction system which provides an accept/reject decision within milliseconds, defining speed, security and reliability. Coin Mechanisms' Comparitor products are the gaming industries' choice around the world.

Product Details:
  • Coin feed performance rated at 7 coins-per-second
  • Straight drop coin path
  • Optional inhibit feature
  • Proven reliable under extreme gaming conditions
  • CC-16 product offered in voltages ranging from 12 volts DC to 48 volts AC
  • CC-16 Standard Model for coin diameters of .700" (17.8mm) thru 1.478" (37.5mm)
  • Wide Body Models are NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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