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Defender Mechanism

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Parts Listing:

¤ Defender Exploded View Drawing

Operational Instructions:

¤ Basic Comparitor Operation-Install Sample Coin
¤ Defender Part Number Selection Guide
¤ Defender User Manual
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Spec Sheets & User Manuals:

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Product Description:
The Defender is designed to protect slots and the casino's revenue from today's most sophisticated cheat tools and methods. Completely interchangeable with any existing 12 volt DC Comparitor mechanism, the Defender offers the highest security available when optically read bar codes are not available. The Defender is a global product and can be used for all currency as well as casino tokens.

Product Details:
  • Independent Diameter Test
  • High Security Coin Path Sensing
  • Exit Path Sensors
  • Advanced Timing & Crediting Algorithms
  • Highly Sensitive Validation Coil
  • Direction Detection Through Entire Coin Path
  • Microprocessor Controlled Digital Control Circuitry
  • Personality Microcontroller
  • Multiple Programmed Tilt Conditions
  • Dynamic Accept Gate Timing
  • Deep-Seat Coil
  • Euro Ready

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