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IC System Plus

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ CPM Instruction Manual (latest revision)
¤ CPM Instruction Manual (original version)
¤ IC System Plus PCB Interface Identification
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - European Edition
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - US Edition
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Coil Balancing Procedure

Product Description:
The IC System Plus is a database package consisting of both hardware & software tools used to program, verify and service the Intelligent Comparitor product range. It is comprised of three basic components: a CPM, or Customer Programming Module, a Dongle and the System Plus Management Tool Kit and Software Suite Laptop PC.

Product Details:
Items available as part of the IC System Plus product range:
    CPM (Customer Programming Module) also called a POD (p/n 68000007)
  • The CPM is a hand-held programming device that stores all of the information about a specific casino's tokens. It is used by a casino to program or upload data into the Intelligent Comparitor. The CPM's data is programmed at Coin Mechanisms.
    Dongle (p/n 50680001)
  • The Dongle is an interface board which is used as a communication device between the PC and the IC Mech or the CPM. The Dongle translates the outputs of an IC Mech into a format that can be understood by a PC during routine performance operations.
    System Plus Management Tool Kit & Software Suites Laptop PC (p/n 50680002)
  • The System Plus Management Tool is a laptop PC that includes a complete software package necessary to perform asset management, maintenance tracking, PC scope software and a CPM utility.

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