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Universal Comparitor Test Station II

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Basic Comparitor Operation-Install Sample Coin
¤ Universal Test Station II Interface ID Chart
¤ Universal Test Station II User Manual

Product Description:
The Universal Test Station II is used to test, adjust and troubleshoot all Coin Mechanisms' products. The Test Station continuously monitors Sense, Credit and Tilt signals. A DC VOLT METER is used to check or adjust the sensor coil null or the selectivity circuit potentiometer setting. An Inhibit Switch is available for those model Comparitors using this "disable coin acceptance" feature. The Test Station can also accurately display the time delay between signals for analyzing coin movement and optic emulation configurations.

Product Details:
Part Number 00660011
    Each Universal Test Station II includes the following accessories:
  • 1 BNC Test Cable (p/n 0821-009080) & Clip (p/n 0821-009081) used for checking Raw Null on Comparitor models that are not equipped with a test header
  • 1 Test Header Cable (p/n 0928-000132) used for testing MC & Defender mechanisms
  • 1 Test Header Cable (p/n 0928-000135) used for testing IC mechanisms
  • 1 User Manual (p/n 09300348)
  • Choice of 1 Customer Interface Wire Harness (refer to Interface ID Chart for list of available Interface part numbers)

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