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Azkoyen Products  /  AC6 Modular Validator
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AC6 Modular Validator

Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

¤ Midi Frontplate Dimensions
¤ Mini Frontplate Dimensions
¤ Modular A for Mini Frontplate
¤ Modular A Standard Validator

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download Modular A Brochure
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Function and Communication Modes
¤ Instructions for Reprogramming
¤ Modular AC-DSP Parallel Protocol
¤ Modular AC-DSP Technical Manual
¤ Pinout diagram

Product Description:
Azkoyen's newest coin validator is the Model AC6-Pina. The Model AC6-Pina replaces the AC6-D2S.
  • The main innovation of the Pina Sensor lies in its handling of the metallic/magnetic information of the coin with three different penetration depths
  • Three different frequencies are used simultaneously so that a much greater quantity of information is obtained due to the three wavelengths
  • The new coin sensor succeeds in keeping the advantages of the multimode technology and incorporating the multifrequency processing and stimulation

Product Details:
Features include:
  • Far more comprehensive coin analysis: more than triple the parameters of the D2S
  • The Pina system incorporates a new, faster, and more powerful microcontroller which enables more readings at higher precision during the coin's passage than the D2S
  • The multimode system, patented for the D2S, remains, which allows the most precise electromagnetic measurements
  • Suitable for all applications without change
  • Recommended applications: Kiosk, Gaming (A-type) and Parking
  • Standard 12 volt DC operation
  • Dual row 10 pin IDC connector interface
  • 100% modular construction
  • Mechanically configured for use in either a Normal Front Plate (validator with top coin entry) or a Mini Front Plate (validator with side coin entry)
  • Multiple operating modes (parallel, timer or credit) set by dipswitches
  • Protocol options include: Standard (parallel+timer+credit) or Cctalk
  • Coin diameter range from .640" (16.25mm) up to 1.28" (32.5mm)

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