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Cashless Transactions  /  Debitkey Debit/Credit Keys
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Debitkey Debit/Credit Keys

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Operational Instructions:

¤ Download Debit / Credit Keys Brochure
¤ Download Debitkeys Debit / Credit Keys Brochure
¤ Download Gen2 Key System Brochure
¤ Kiosk Users Manual

Product Description:
The Debitkey Key System works like a credit or debit card. A unique Smart chip is embedded on the key shaped carrier and can be programmed to perform various functions. Smart chip technology provides a very secure and reliable way to store information.

Product Details:
Features of the Debitkey Key System include:
  • Each location is given its own unique SITE ID number, eliminating the threat of fraud or cross play between other locations
  • A Debit key is carried by the user, and when it is inserted into a reader on a machine, has an amount for a service deducted and then activates the machine
  • A Manager key can be used to perform management functions such as setting prices, displaying audit information, and setting billing tables
  • In a Debit application - debits are in .10› or .25› increments
  • In a Credit application - provides the ability to bill customers either by invoice or bill against a credit card

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