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CCFLs  /  Straight Tube (T1) 100mm CCFL Lamp
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Straight Tube (T1) 100mm CCFL Lamp

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Operational Instructions:

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Product Description:
The 100mm straight tube CCFL lamp is supplied with molded acrylic blocks on both ends for easy mounting, and may be used with Coin Mechanisms' multi-lamp angled mounting bracket. The 100mm CCFL lamp is powered by a type 1 (T1) Inverter available in either 12 or 24 volts DC.

Product Details:
  • The CCFL lamp is a drawn glass tube, phosphorous coated on the inside, and charged with an inert gas
  • The glass tube is hermetically sealed and enclosed within a protective Polycarbonate flame retardant cover/diffuser. The fragile glass of the CCFL tube is suspended and protected within the cover/diffuser with clear silicon "o" rings. In the unlikely event of glass breakage, the broken glass will be contained within the cover/diffuser and not present a hazard to operators or service personnel
  • If the lamp is stressed at either of the sealed ends, though invisible from the outside, it may produce slow leakage and therefore low light output. This destroys the vacuum state inside and leads to lamp failure
  • The CCFL wires are made from special high voltage insulated material
  • The CCFL connector is a special insulated, polarized, high voltage connector
  • The Inverter driving the CCFL is a matched set
  • CCFL lamps will reach maximum brightness within a three minute warmup period from an initial off state

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