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CCFLs  /  Inverter
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Product Description:
INVERTER - A special power supply, called an inverter, is required to drive the CCFL and generates approximately 800V AC at 38kHz. This inverter is a small efficient power supply designed specifically to drive its associated size CCFL tube and wire length.

Product Details:
  • Inverters are available in either 12 or 24 VDC
  • Current draw specs: 8.8 watts; 370 mA at 24V DC; 740 mA at 12V DC
  • A unique inverter is required for each different length of CCFL lamp
  • The T4 (Trapezium) CCFL lamp requires a single inverter and can also be daisy chained together using either an 8" or 24" daisy chain wire harness
  • Straight Tube (T1/T2/T3/T40) CCFL lamps use a dual channel inverter, which means that a single inverter powers two straight tube lamps
  • A 24" power harness is available separately for use in supplying voltage to the inverter
  • All our inverter products are UL and CE recognized

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