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Cashless Transactions  /  Debitkey Maytag PR/PD Readers
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Debitkey Maytag PR/PD Readers

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download Gen2 Key System Brochure
¤ Download Maytag PR/PD Readers Brochure
¤ Maytag ""490-PR"" & ""490-PD"" Operation Guide
¤ Maytag PR System Installation Instructions

Product Description:
Debitkey's Maytag PR/PD Readers have been designed for use in Maytag's PR (Card Ready) and PD (Coin Ready) machines, for either washers or dryers. The Debitkey Maytag PR/PD Reader uses the machine's existing display to show the cost of the vend.

Product Details:
Uses for customers:
  • Displays price to activate machine
  • Debits key
  • Shows remaining value on key
Management Features:
  • Ability to enter Maytag's set-up mode upon insertion of our unique "Set-Up" key
  • PR / PD Readers are both fully interchangeable between washers and dryers
Additional Benefits:
  • Stores both time and date of transactions
  • Stores serial number of key (customer tracking and/or use of credit transactions)
  • Installs through existing card ready mount, and uses the wire harness provided by Maytag (Debitkey provides an extended version of the harness for use with the PD version).

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