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Model CC-32/CC-36

Field Service Bulletins:

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Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

¤ CC-32
¤ CC-36

Parts Listing:

¤ CC-32 $1 Casino Token
¤ CC-36 $5 Casino Token
¤ Damper Assembly Individual Parts
¤ Sensor Coil Parts List - Deep Seat for Bi-Metal co
¤ Sensor Coil Parts List - Standard

Operational Instructions:

¤ Basic Comparitor Operation-Install Sample Coin
¤ Comparitor cross reference chart by machine mfr.
¤ Damper Weight Recommendation Chart
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Potentiometer Adjustment Procedure
¤ Sensor Coil Balance Procedure - Meter
¤ Sensor Coil Balance Procedure - Oscilloscope


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Spec Sheets & User Manuals:

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Product Description:
The model CC-32 and CC-36 are specifically designed for use on 13 volt DC operation and utilize reverse coin path logic, which means the accepted coins exit the mechanism out the opposite side they enter. The CC-32 is commonly used with $1 and $2 casino tokens, the CC-36 with $5 and higher.

Product Details:
  • CC-32/36 products specifically designed for 13 volt DC operation with Inhibit function
  • CC-32 designed for coin diameters of 1.205" (30.6mm) thru 1.549" (39.34mm)
  • CC-36 designed for coin diameters of 1.550" (39.37mm) thru 1.950" (49.5mm)
  • Coin feed performance rated at 6 coins-per-second
  • Reverse coin path logic
  • Patented magnetic induction system provides an accept/reject decision within milliseconds, defining speed, security and reliability
  • Proven reliable under extreme gaming conditions

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