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Azkoyen Products  /  Modular X6-D2S Coin Validator
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Modular X6-D2S Coin Validator

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download Modular X DSP Brochure
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Instructions for Reprogramming
¤ Modular X DSP Technical Manual
¤ Pinout diagram

Product Description:
Azkoyen's Modular Range DSP (Digital Sensing Processor) of multi-coin validators can accept up to 32 different coins in a single unit, 2 of which can be reprogrammed by the user on site by introducing coins with the validator in "learning" mode.

Product Details:
Additional features include:
  • The DSP model offers the best guarantee against fraudulent coins utilizing 1 or 2 pairs of inductive sensors, 3 optical sensors and 1 sound sensor
  • Standard 12 volt DC operation
  • Dual row 10 pin connector
  • 100% modular construction
  • Mechanically configured for top entry, bottom rejection only - not compatible with any front plates
  • Can be fitted with either a 3 or 5 way sorter
  • Multiple operating modes (parallel, timer or credit) set by dipswitches
  • Protocol options include: Standard (parallel+timer+credit) or Cctalk
  • Coin diameter range from .640" (16.25mm) up to 1.28" (32.5mm)
  • Download new software via the internet

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