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80010001 US .25c Faceplate

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Dimensional Drawings:

» 8000 Series Single Faceplate Cut-Out & Dimensions

Parts Listing:

¤ 8000 Series Faceplate Kit U.S. quarter
¤ 8000 Series Single Faceplate
¤ 8000 Series Single Faceplate for Electronic Mechs
» Coin Switch & Wire Assemblies
¤ Mech Mounting Bracket
» Reject Button Assembly

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download 8000 Series Single Faceplate brochure
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Need to Buy Tokens? Download this list

Product Description:
Standard 3" wide faceplate with a single U.S. 25c all metal coin acceptor. Includes a cherry microswitch, and separate coin entry slot and reject button with interchangable denomination insert. Heavy duty steel construction with durable textured black paint finish.

Product Details:
Options include:
  • Can be ordered with a coin lockout coil (specify voltage: 6, 12 or 24 volt AC or DC or 110 volt AC) which "locks out" coins when power is lost
  • Other U.S., token or foreign coin acceptor can also be ordered

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