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Coin & Timer Boxes  /  DMC, DRC, and other Display Timers
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DMC, DRC, and other Display Timers

Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

¤ DMC Standard Box dimensions

Operational Instructions:

¤ Wyvern DMC User Manual

Product Description:
The DMC and DRC Coin Meters are a slimline, programmable timing meter box designed for security and flexibility, incorporating many key features. The DMC is programmed in MINUTES; the DRC is programmed in SECONDS. Designed for indoor installation and should not be mounted outside unless in a weatherproof enclosure. Applications only including: tanning beds, tennis court lighting, showers, laundry machines, exercise equipment, pool table lighting, vehicle washing, internet kiosks, air conditioning and space heating.

Product Details:
Features include:
  • The DMC model has a three digit display on the front panel showing the minutes / seconds once coin(s) have been inserted, and then counts down
  • When ordered using MINUTES for timing, this unit is a model DMC. It can accumulate up to a maximum time of 999 MINUTES
  • When ordered using SECONDS for timing, this unit is a model DRC. It can accumulate up to a maximum time of 999 SECONDS
  • Models DMP & DRP also include a Key Override Switch that allows the owner to "add-on" credits in the event a coin does not register
  • Models DPC & DPR are additionally fitted with a Panic Button which, when depressed, resets the timer and switches off power
  • Every model uses a single coin S-1 roll down acceptor
  • Optional Coin Lockout Bar which prevents more than one coin being inserted which also prevents accumulation
  • Optional Price Change Option gives the flexibility of altering the number of coins required to activate the timer from 1 through 16
  • Locks keyed with the same number available on request
  • Standard cashbox holds approximately 300 US quarter size coins
  • The DMC has built into its electronics software a "Service Aid" which detects faults with the coin acceptor. The display will "flash" to indicate either "Cash Box Full", or if the micro switch jams (usually because the cash box has not been emptied or a coin is stuck)
Technical Specs:
  • Standard voltage options include 24V AC, 115V AC and 230V AC
  • SPECIAL NOTE: On the 24V AC Model, the Input Voltage MUST NOT EXCEED 25.5V AC
  • Standard output is 1kVA (1,000 Watts), and when operated at 120V AC the maximum current load is 4.5 Amps resistive
  • Optional output of 7kVA (7,000 Watts), and when operated at 120V AC the maximum current load is 30 Amps resistive
  • Each DMC is fitted with an S1 Run Down mechanical coin acceptor, which can accept coins or tokens with a diameter from 0.670" (17mm) up to 1.180" (30mm)
  • Overall Dimensions: 5-1/2" wide by 6" deep by 9-3/4" high
  • Each DMC weighs 7 lbs.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The DMC must be mounted on a level, stable surface

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