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Wyvern 2000R

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download Wyvern Timer 2000 Brochure
¤ Wyvern 2000 User Manual

Product Description:
Wyvern timer boxes are a slimline, programmable timing meter box designed for security and flexibility, incorporating many key features. Designed for indoor applications including: tanning beds, tennis court lighting, showers, laundry machines, exercise equipment, pool table lighting, vehicle washing, internet kiosks, air conditioning and space heating.

Product Details:
Features include:
  • 4 digit 7 segment display used for programming; also shows "time of day" and "time remaining"
  • Can be programmed for "combined session cost and session time" which means you can assign a specific amount for a specified time (i.e. $5 for 10 minutes)
  • Timing may be set in "minutes and seconds", or "hours and minutes" mode up to a maximum of 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Input voltages available: 24V AC 50/60Hz 7A; 115V AC 60Hz 7A and 230V AC 60Hz 7A
  • Optional 7kVA switching for applications requiring higher amperage
  • The Model 2000R features an electronic coin mechanism that can be programmed to recognise up to 6 different coins or tokens of virtually any currency
  • Maximum coin diameter = 31mm (1.22")
  • Cashbox capacity - approximately 450 US quarters
  • Each Wyvern 2000R weighs 6-1/2 lbs.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit is NOT AVAILABLE for either the Canadian $1 or $2 coin

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