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Tempus III

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Operational Instructions:

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Product Description:
Tempus III is a product designed to sell time. It can be used as either a clock timer to control the start time of different processes, or use it to control the working time of a certain service. The most common processes and services include:
  • Controlling T.V. viewing (Pay per view)
  • Laundry (washers & dryers)
  • Hook up to a PC for internet time
  • Time control of water supply (car washes, pressure hoses, water dispensing machines)
  • Tanning beds
  • Timing for kiddie rides

  • Product Details:
    Product Ranges include:
    • SHORT: Targeted for applications with reduced space and money collection is frequent
    • LONG: Targeted for internet/cyber cafes and applications where a larger cashbox capacity is required
    • EMBEDDED: For us in allowing integration of the coin mechanism into machines or already finished systems
    • I.R. VERSION: This version offers the facility to extract accounting data and download new programs via its INFRARED port
    • WATER PROOF: Recommended for outdoor applications, this version offers a special protection system against humidity and water
    • SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: this device can be programmed to offer customers special incentives such as discounts, extra time, etc.
    • ACCOUNTING REGISTER: Indicates the total amount collected and is non-resettable
    • LOW MAINTENANCE: The unit is coated with anti-corrosion epoxy paint
    • VANDAL PROOF: Built-in unit with a solid metallic rack (1.5mm steel); includes key operated security locking system

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