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USB-to-ccTalk Interface

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ USB to ccTalk Converter User Manual

Product Description:
The USB-to-ccTalk Interface allows for the connection of a device, operating according to ccTalk protocol, to the USB port of a PC. This device is designed for Windows XP and newer operating systems. Part number 844174.
  • The item as shown is obsolete. It is replaced by part number 41277751

Product Details:
  • This USB-to-ccTalk Interface allows you to connect a complete ccTalk bus (from Hoppers, Coin Validators, Coin Sorters and Escrows) directly to a PC
  • Each interface comes with both a USB 2.0-Type A-B connection cable, plus an 1800mm flat ribbon cable 10-way connector for the connection to a ccTalk peripheral
  • A jack connector for power to the ccTalk peripheral, plus a Modu2 connector with 2 inputs and 2 optional outputs for connecting additional peripherals
  • GREEN LED will light to show power to the USB connection; YELLOW LED lights to indicate power to the ccTalk peripheral

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