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3380 Complete Coin Changer Box

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Operational Instructions:

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Product Description:
A completely self-contained coin payment & vending control system. Attach to just about any single vend device. A pre-galvanized CRS powder coated housing that includes a Conlux 5 tube coin changer. Also has a user controlled, dip-switch configurable MDB protocol PCB that allows the user to set "price" or "free vend" option.

Product Details:
Features include:
  • Standard vend price settings are in 5 cent increments up to $3.15 (option for higher vend price settings also available)
  • Accepts both U.S. & Canadian .05c, .10c, .25c, $1 plus Canadian $2
  • 3-digit LED displays both Price and Status messages (including Error codes)
  • Brushed stainless steel coin entry assembly
  • Integrated removable metal cashbox holds approximately 660 quarter size coins
  • Conlux changer holds a maximum of $66.15 in change (1 nickel tube, 1 dime tube, 3 quarter tubes) or expand to $111.40 in change by exchanging one quarter tube for a $1 tuber
  • Box dimensions: 19-1/2" H x 10-1/4" W x 4-1/2" D
  • Operating voltage range= 90 to 264V AC
  • Built-In dual output 65W 24V/5V enclosed universal power supply
  • AC input power supply and cable connections
  • Indoor environmental operating spec. = 0 to 140 degrees F

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