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U-II Hopper Plus

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Download U-II Hopper ccTalk Protocol doc
¤ Download U-II Hopper Parallel Protocol doc
¤ Download U-II Hopper Plus Brochure

Product Description:
The U-II Hopper Plus is specially designed for applications where security and payment speed are important. The main feature of the U-II Hopper Plus is that it "double counts" coins upon payout. This is a security feature that ensures accuracy of payout and deters cheating.

Product Details:
Features include:
  • Parallel or ccTalk protocol
  • Can be operated in Pulse working mode by configuring the logic with a jumper; pulses should be Positive logic and a minimum duration (in both high and low level) of at least 5 milliseconds
  • Flash technology now allows for easy updating, modifying and on line programming of the hopper's firmware (protocol, etc.) without having to change the pcb
  • New coin detection system when paying out coins incorporates new algorithms for increased reliability, and also features an auto calibration process of the sensor that counts the coins
  • A significant advancement is that all U-II Hoppers operate between 12V-24V in a single unit; no longer is it necessary to use one voltage or the other
  • 3 Bowl sizes available: Small (coin capacity approx. 275); Medium (coin capacity approx. 425); Large (coin capacity approx. 750)
  • 3 Vertical Extension sizes available to increase capacity: Medium (for Medium Bowl hopper only)--increases coin capacity to approx. 700 total coins; Large (also for Medium Bowl hopper only)--increases coin capacity to approx. 1,100 total coins; Extra (for Large Bowl hopper only)--increases coin capacity to approx. 1,600 total coins
  • **NOTE: Vertical Extensions are NOT available for either the Small Bowl or Intermediate Bowl hoppers
  • Full Overflow allowing additional space for coins to "overflow" the bowl
  • Low Level or High Level Sensors to detect when the hopper is either "empty" or "full"

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