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Coin Doors, Coin Mechs & Face Plates  /  6000 Series Ticket Door & Tray Assembly  /  6000 Series Ticket Tray Assembly
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6000 Series Ticket Tray Assembly

Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

» 6000 Series Access/Ticket Door/Ticket Tray

Parts Listing:

¤ 6000 Series Ticket Door & Ticket Tray Assembly

Operational Instructions:

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Product Description:
The 6000 Series Ticket Tray Assembly is a complete ticket door and ticket tray combination.

Product Details:
  • The ticket door has four mounting pem studs for attaching a ticket dispenser along with a flanged slot cutout where the tickets feed out
  • Optional LED can be added in conjunction with the low ticket indicator switch on the ticket tray to indicate when tickets are low
  • Ticket door has unique butterfly shaped stop bracket welded at the bottom which limits the travel of the door and keeps it from simply falling open and hitting the floor when opened
  • Ticket tray is metal and attaches to the ticket door with a tongue-in-groove style hasp

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