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Azkoyen Products  /  Modular C6 5" Coin Modular
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Modular C6 5

Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

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Product Description:
Azkoyen's Modular Range of multi-coin validators can accept up to 32 different coins in a single unit, 2 of which can be reprogrammed by the user on site by introducing coins with the validator in "learning" mode.

Product Details:
DSM Technology
  • D: Digital signal processors (DSP) which multiply the parameters read on a coin by 10 and digitally process all the signals
  • S: Sound measurement of the coin to determine precisely what materials it is made of
  • M: Use of Multimode sensors which calculate the course of the coin in the validator and adapt their sensitivity to the coin detected section
Other Modular C6 Validator features:
  • ccTalk Protocol
  • Built-In Internal 5 Way Coin Sorter
  • 12-24 Volt operation

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