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Model IC-16

Field Service Bulletins:

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Supporting Material

Dimensional Drawings:

¤ IC-16 SmartMark
¤ IC-16 SmartMark in Channel
¤ IC-16 Valence Sensor
¤ IC-16 Wide Body SmartMark
¤ IC-16 Wide Body Valence Sensor

Parts Listing:

¤ IC-16 SmartMark
¤ IC-16 Wide Body SmartMark
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Wire Harnesses
¤ Sensor Coil Parts List - Standard Coil

Operational Instructions:

¤ CPM Instruction Manual (latest revision)
¤ CPM Instruction Manual (original version)
» Download Tech Data Sheet on Euro Coins
¤ Download the IC SmartMark Token brochure
¤ IC Coin Dimension Specifications
¤ IC System Plus PCB Interface Identification
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - European Edition
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - US Edition
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Coil Balancing Procedure
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Maintenance
¤ Need to Buy Tokens? Download this list
¤ Resident Coin Installation Procedure
¤ Sensor Coil Balance Procedure - Oscilloscope

Spec Sheets & User Manuals:

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