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IC Smartmark Reader

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Operational Instructions:

¤ CPM Instruction Manual (latest revision)
¤ CPM Instruction Manual (original version)
¤ IC Coin Dimension Specifications
¤ IC System Plus PCB Interface Identification
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - European Edition
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - US Edition
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Coil Balancing Procedure
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Maintenance
¤ Need to Buy Tokens? Download this list
¤ Resident Coin Installation Procedure

Product Description:
The Intelligent Comparitor? with SmartMark? reader is designed to further protect against counterfeiting by incorporating a bar code optic unit. The bar code optic device is designed to read specially marked SmartMark? tokens. This device reads precision mirrors that are accurately minted into the SmartMark? token when the token is manufactured. The SmartMark? is minted into the coin with great precision. The relationship between the center of the mass of the coin and the placement of the bar code is fixed into a specific pattern producing the entire coin signature. This combination of variables makes counterfeiting extremely difficult.

Product Details:
  • Microcontroller technology
  • High security algorithm for microcontroller
  • Fewer mechanical parts means higher reliability
  • Simplified coil balancing procedure
  • Improved sensor coil design provides a better coin signature for the microcontroller
  • High speed throughput of coins and valid coin acceptance
  • I/O is optically isolated from the microcontroller
  • SmartMark? reader incorporated for even higher discrimination against slugs
  • On-board voltages are maintained by fixed voltage regulators
  • Inhibit feature offered on all models
  • IC-16, IC-32/33, IC-36/37, IC-40 and IC-62 are directly retrofittable in most applications

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