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IC Smartmark Reader

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Operational Instructions:

¤ CPM Instruction Manual (latest revision)
¤ CPM Instruction Manual (original version)
¤ IC Coin Dimension Specifications
¤ IC System Plus PCB Interface Identification
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - European Edition
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - US Edition
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Coil Balancing Procedure
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Maintenance
¤ Need to Buy Tokens? Download this list
¤ Resident Coin Installation Procedure

Product Description:
The Intelligent Comparitor® with SmartMark® reader is designed to further protect against counterfeiting by incorporating a bar code optic unit. The bar code optic device is designed to read specially marked SmartMark® tokens. This device reads precision mirrors that are accurately minted into the SmartMark® token when the token is manufactured. The SmartMark® is minted into the coin with great precision. The relationship between the center of the mass of the coin and the placement of the bar code is fixed into a specific pattern producing the entire coin signature. This combination of variables makes counterfeiting extremely difficult.

Product Details:
  • Microcontroller technology
  • High security algorithm for microcontroller
  • Fewer mechanical parts means higher reliability
  • Simplified coil balancing procedure
  • Improved sensor coil design provides a better coin signature for the microcontroller
  • High speed throughput of coins and valid coin acceptance
  • I/O is optically isolated from the microcontroller
  • SmartMark® reader incorporated for even higher discrimination against slugs
  • On-board voltages are maintained by fixed voltage regulators
  • Inhibit feature offered on all models
  • IC-16, IC-32/33, IC-36/37, IC-40 and IC-62 are directly retrofittable in most applications

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