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Original Comparitor Test Station

Field Service Bulletins:

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Supporting Material

Operational Instructions:

¤ Basic Comparitor Operation-Install Sample Coin
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - European Edition
¤ IC System Plus Technical Manual - US Edition
¤ Intelligent Comparitor Coil Balancing Procedure
¤ Test Station User Manual (latest revision)
¤ Test Station User Manual (original version)


Client Center Members only

Product Description:
The Universal Comparitor Test Station is used to test, adjust and troubleshoot all Coin Mechanisms' and other coin validation products. It plugs into any standard 110 volt AC outlet, and the AC supply voltage is selectable to include 220/240 VAC. Features include:
  • The Test Station has 3 output voltages: 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 24 VAC
  • The "quick connect" terminal block provides for easy hook-up for any I/O configuration
  • Switches can be toggled to simulate a machine's inhibit control lines
  • The 2 counters display output signals such as the sense, credit, tilt and "A", "B" and "C" optic emulation outputs
  • A dual-color L.E.D. power indicator identifies which output voltage has been selected
  • The sensor coil null meter is used to check or adjust the sensor coils' "null" and "eclipse" adjustments

Product Details:
Part Number 00660009
    Each Test Station includes the following accessories:
  • 1 Test Station standard AC line cord (p/n 08000006)
  • 1 6 Pin JST wire harness "A" (p/n 09280100)
  • 1 3 Pin JST wire harness "B" (p/n 09280101)
  • 1 6 Pin Molex wire harness "C" (p/n 09280102)
  • 1 7 Pin Molex/Amp CC-62 wire harness "D" (p/n 09280103)
  • 1 User Manual (p/n 00300009)
  • 1 Set of Test Leads (p/n 04090524)
  • 1 Training DVD (p/n 09300364)

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