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The Intelligent Comparitor Series is designed only for use with specially marked SmartMark tokens. A SmartMark token is minted with unique barcode type rings embedded within the token. The IC Range offers all of the advantages of the Micro and Coin Comparitor product, is directly retrofittable in most applications and has improved discrimination. A redesigned sensing coil assembly provides a better coin signature that is analyzed by a microcontroller, which results in improved discrimination. The microcontroller performs 5,000 decisions during the analysis as the coin falls through the sensing coil assembly. It also performs all of the I/O functions more efficiently by reducing the amount of additional circuitry required.


IC Smartmark Reader

IC System Plus

IC Valence Sensor

Model IC-16

Model IC-32

Model IC-33

Model IC-36

Model IC-37

Model IC-40

Model IC-62

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