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Coin Doors, Coin Mechs & Face Plates  /  Electronic Multicoin Validators

Featuring Astrosystem's QL and SP line of electronic multicoin validators.

Microcoin Casinomate Programmer

Microcoin QL 10-way Ribbon Cable

Microcoin QL Faceplate

Microcoin QL Micromate Programmer

Microcoin QL Validator

Microcoin S5 Micromate Programmer

Microcoin SP Faceplate

Microcoin SP Validator

Microcoin S-series-to-SP Adapter Plate

Microcoin VAL302 Credit Display for S6

Microcoin VAL318 I/F Board for S5

Microcoin VAL319 I/F Board for S6

Microcoin VAL343 converts 24VAC-to-12VDC

Microcoin VAL364 USB Dongle Kit

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